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!!! This FAQ applies only to the file transfer feature of Powercopy

by use of the Powercopy special parallel interface cable. !!!


P o w e r c o p y   FAQ's May 2007

A1) How to set up ECP on my computer?
A2) How to set up ECP on my Compaq computer?
A3) I get this Errormessage:
"This printer device says that it has ECP Capability,
but the ECR-Offset Port 0x77a is not accessable!"
B) The transfer does not start!
C) More Hints!
D) The speed buttons 'Turbo' and 'High' are not enabled!
E) Transfer Data from DOS and to Win9x/NT4.0/W2000!
F) Bios Update!
G) Nothing above was useful. I still won't be connected! What now?
H) Problems with ASUS-Mainboards using Turbo transfer mode
I) Which PC side seems not to work fine?
J) Why seems Powercopy to sleep several seconds, before the transfer starts?

A1)How to set up ECP on my computer!

Compaq see below!    Phonix Bios e.g. Fujitsu-Siemens professional PCs:

During System start press F2 key. From the menu select Advanced Then select i/o device Configuration or periphal configuration Select as: Parallel Port:      [Enabled]   Mode:             [ECP]   Base I/O address: [378/IRQ 7]   DMA channel:      [DMA 3]
AmiBios e.g. Fujitsu-Siemens consumer PCs:
During System start press Del(ete) key. Then select periphal setup.   Chose there:     OnBoard Parallel Port        378     Parallel Port Mode           ECP     Parallel Port IRQ            7     Parallel Port DMA            3Save these settings!
Award Bios (now joined with Phoenix):
During sytemstart press the corresponding key to enter the Bios setup. Select ECP/EPP there.Save these settings!

A2) How to set up ECP on my Compaq computer!

Newer Models:
A lot of Compaq computers can be configured to ECP by using this Compaq utility setport.exe . Although Compaq was one of the main leader at the PNP-Bios specification, they havn't implemented this, in opposite to the rest of the world, in the correct manner. This is the reason why we (Datapower) and other Scanner/Printerdriver maufacturer always have a lot of problems with some Compaq models. See also PC_HowToSetupECP.htm

(This information was captured from the Compaq support pages) Compaq FAQ: Parallel port issues (FAQ2749) The parallel port supports four modes: Bidirectional, Compatible, ECP, and EPP. From the factory, it will be configured as Bidirectional. Some peripherals, such as scanners, printers, or removable media drives will require a different mode, usually ECP or EPP. Check the documentation that came with the device to verify the mode needed. If needed, this is the procedure for changing the parallel port mode:

Restart the computer.
Wait for the red Compaq logo to appear and the white box in the upper right hand corner of the screen to flash. Press the F10 key several times. This should launch the Setup utility. Press the right arrow to go to the Communications page. Press the down arrow to go to Parallel Port Mode. Press the [+] or [-] key until  ECP is displayed. Press the right arrow to Exit. Choose the option to Save changes and reboot. When the system reboots, Windows should recognize your parallel port as ECP port or Printer port and install the Windows 98 driver for it.
Older Models:
Only some Compaq computers does not show, which parallel port mode is currently enabled. On other computers ECP is setup via Bios. See user manual.
Enable ECP on Compaq:
1) Use the Compaq setup disk. If you don't have it download it from Compaq @ http://www.compaq.com/support/
2) Select computer setup.
3) Select communication.
4) Select parallel port 378-37f, 778-77b, Irq 7, DMA 3 and confirm with OK. (FYI: 378-37f, 778-77b configures the parallel port for ECP operation)
5) Exit the setup program and reboot your system.
Hint for old Compaq Elite 486 notebooks: Enable ECP, but use Medium transfer speed only, because non working ECP-design.

A3) I get this Errormessage: "This printer device says that it has ECP Capability,but the ECR-Offset Port 0x77a is not accessable!"

Cause of error:
1.) You have tried to copy under NT/NT/WIN2000/XP using Powercopy  Version Turbo or Light. For using Powercopy under NT/WIN2000/XP you need the Powercopy Professional Version, which you can archive as an Update.

2.) Wrong setuped parallel interface:
Open the device-manager(START->Settings->ControlPanel->System->Device-Manager):
Select the properties of the (ECP)Printerport there.

If you cannnot detect the 2nd Input/Output-range (0778-077B),
you have to remove the checkmark at "Use automatic setting".
Now you can select a setting under "Setting based :" which uses two Inpu/Output  ranges (0378-037B ;  0778-077B).
If you should get now a device conflict then you try to resolve the conflict by using the "Change Setting..." mechanism.
If you could set the two Input/Output Ranges like the picture left without any device conflicts, then press OK and reboot your system.

Resolving IRQ-DMA conflicts:

If all following conditions matches:
1) My computer cant be setuped as descibed above.
2) My Computer only uses one Input/Output range 0378-037F
3) My Printer device is a ECP-Printer Port(LPT...)
In this case you have to use Powercopy >=V1.30. You have to edit the file  pc__ovwr.ini (Powercopy Ovwrwrite Windows Settings configuration file), which is normally located at "c:\program files\Powercopy\".
Change the line";/UsePxxx-Ix-Dx" to "/UseP378-E37c" and save the file.

If you still should get the message "This printer device says that it has ECP Capability, but the ECR-Offset Port 0x77a is not accessable!" or a similary one, then you should undo this settings.


B) The transfer does not start! C) More hints!D) The speed buttons 'Turbo' and 'High' are not enabled!

E) Transfer Data from DOS  to Windows NT 4 and Windows2000!

F) Bios Update!

   Some PC's before 1994 have some ECP-DMA Bios problems - DMA(Turbo) mode only.G)Nothing above was useful. I still won't be connected! What now?

The best thing now is you make a DOS boot disk.
1.) Download the file CreateDosStartDisk.zip
    Unpack this on a Windows 95/98 based Computer, because some systemfile are needed from there. Never use a  NT/2000 system for this purpose.
2.) The System disk will be created by double click on the just expanded file 'CreatePowercopyBootDisk.bat'.

Afterwards you have to copy the file pc.exe from the folder where Powercopy was installed to A:\.
(Tip: Move the mouse cursor over the file  pc.exe führen, then depress the right mouse button and select the  "send to " and then "Floppy (A:)" ).

Now you have created a bootable disk. But you need two of them. -> Inside the Explorer select at the  left side the item "31/2-Floppy" with the right mouse Button an select "Copy disk..."

Insert disk 1 in the first and disk 2 into the other floppy drive and boot both computers.
At the one choose send , at the other receive.
On both sides following screen should appear..
  Licensed to :
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(Version Profi  single user version #xxxx)
Selftest passed.
I7 D--- P378
Parallel Port Capabilities is/are  ECP
      allowed Capabilities is/are  ECP_FTEPP1.9,EPP1.7 BIDIRECT

It is important,  that the item ECP visible twice.
Did the transfer start?

Yes: Perfect! -> Some Driver disturbs the Powercopy transfer under Windows. You only have to find the bad Computer.
ECP is not displayed with this color!
ECP is definetly not active at your PC! Please setup ECP in your Bios. Or if your computer doesn't support ECP (80486 80386), than you can buy 100% functional Addon cards at us.
Powercopy displayed a "Select LPT" dialog box.
This means, that you have installed an additional parallel interface card. Try all settings. Choose if possible the onboard parallel interface.All OnBoard chips from NS (National Semiconductors), SMSC ITE and WINBOND works fine with Powercopy. Some PCI/ISA Addon cards does not work together with Powercopy. Known not functional Addoncards are Cards with Chips from SUNIX PCI SUN1888, SUN1689 and Oxford Semiconductors OX12PCI840. Those cards are selled under the productname  EX-41011 (EX-4013  EX-4008A. Parallel addoncards should be bought at us with the 100% Powercopy function guarantee Tip: If you have still ISA Cards in your PC check, whether there is no DMA/IRQ conflict and whether the ISA-Card was detected by windows correctly.
H) Problems with ASUS-Mainboards using TURBO transfer mode
Some ASUS Mainboards are not correctly configured for ECP-DMA transfer. If you want to use ECP-DMA speed there, then you have to use our parallel chip(called Superio) setup program. Download the file CreateDosStartDisk.zip. From there copy all files to an folder like c:\SUPERIO\ . Start SIO.BAT there.

Something like following appears:

   Select kind of the parallelinterface chip(Superio) detection

   0) Exit
   1) Scan for all Superios  *)
   2) SMSC                   *)
   3) National Semiconductor *)
   4) ITE                    *)
   5) Winbond (same as SMSC) *)
   6) Fujitsu-Siemens Computer Boards from Augsburg
      Siemens-Nixdorf Computer Boards from Augsburg
      Siemens         Computer Boards from Augsburg
   7) Select Superio
   8) Enable Debug output(More detailed Infos for programmers)
   9) Show supported Superio list

   *) Attention, may cause system instability!

If you already know your SUPERIO chip, then you can select the specific item 2 .. 6.
Following SuperIO chips are currently supported (24 Nov.2000)

    National Semiconductors
'NS_PC87303            'NS_PC87307            'NS_PC97307
'NS_PC97309            'NS_PC87317            'NS_PC97317
'NS_PC87360            'NS_PC87351            'NS_PC87363
'NS_PC87364            'NS_PC87366            'NS_PC8739X
    SMSC / WINBOND chips
'SMSC_FDC37C93XAPM     'SMSC_FDC37M70X        'SMC_FDC37B80X
'SMC_FDC37B77X         'SMSC_FDC37B78X        'SMC_FDC37B72X            'SMC_FDC37C67X         'SMC_FDC37C68X         'SMC_FDC37M60X
'SMC_FDC37M81X         'SMC_FDC37C93XFR       'SMC_FDC37N972FR          'SMSC_FDC37N958FR      'SMSC_LPC47B27X        'SMC_LPC47B34X
'SMC_LPC47B37X         'SMC_FDCLPC47M10X      'SMC_FDCLPC47S42X     'SMC_FDCLPC47U32X      'SMC_FDCLPC47U33X      'SMC_FDC97W33X         'SMC_FDC97W34X         'SMC_FDC97W35X_W83977  'SMC_LPC61W26X         'SMC_LPC61W49X         'SMC_FDC87W21X         'SMC_FDC87W22X         'SMC_FDC87W23X         'SMC_FDC37C665IR       'SMC_FDC37C666         'SMC_FDC37C665GT       'SMC_FDC37C669         'SMC_FDC37C669FR       'SMC_FDC37C93X         'SMC_FDC37N769         'SMC_FDC37N869
    ITC /*functionality not checked*/
IT8712 IT8770F

Normally on your computer ECP mode is enabled by default. Select the specific selection(1 .. 6).
Afterwars following menu will be displayed.

   0) Exit
   1) Restart tool
   2) Configure Chip to ecp mode
   3) No configuration scan only

   Default is configure to ECP after 20 seconds

 Select 3 ther. If there was found a known Superio then thisone will be displayed. Now you will be asked, whether Powercopy the current settings should write to the c:\autoexec.bat file. If you confirm with y then Powercopy will add these lines to your c:\Autoexec.bat file Powercopy Version >=V1.20R3 needed for this feature:

c:\pccfgsio.exe /nr:<SuperioNr>-<ConfigPort>
rem The next call will setup the PCCFGSIO=/usep...
rem environment variable
call c:\pccfgsio.bat

Activate this mechanism only if you have A) installed parallelAddonCards, oder if you have problems with your Parallel interface card. Please note:If you have enabled inside your Bios PNPOS to yes/enabled then I may be that these settings may become invalid if your computer boots into  the PNP capable OS( Win9x oder Windows 2000). If this happens then you should setup the parallel port under Win9x/2000 again. New SetupDialogs are also provided with Powercopy Version >=V1.20R3.

I) Which PC seems not to work fine?
If available use a third PC there. With this PC you start a transfer to the first and then to the other PC. This PC, who doesn't want to transfer data has to be further examined.
J) Why seems Powercopy to sleep several seconds, before the transfer starts?
This always happens, if you copy files from the root folder. If you have to copy files from there (e.g.. c:\ d:\ e:\... ) you should  add the parameter /nosub (means scan no subdirectories for further matching files. Background: Powercopy scans by default all subfolders for file match. Without this switch (Checkmark inside the windows application) your rest if your harddrive is scanned for matching files. And this takes a lot of time. Note: Avoid to transfer from the root folder. And if you can't avoid, add the switch /nosub there.
Other problems? Please let us know: mailto:webmaster@datapower.de