Powercopy (PC:EXE) DOS commandline parameters

Hint: Command line parameters, which are only available to the professional version are /ml /makelist /mlb /ktl /g(et). The transfer speed is the same.

All things you can do under the graphic WINDOWS dialogs you can do it using command line parameters and much more.
You can easily get the dos syntax by watching the bottom of the Windows dialogs during select or change options.

Hint: | is the or sign; [ ] optional not required; {} one has to be selected: <>has to be replaced file-, pathname
Read the entire documentation to see the whole power of this program!

PC.EXE {/r or /t <sourcepath or /check <listfile or /g <path} [/d <destinationpath]  [OPTIONS]
PC.EXE /cd <path Interactive change directory utility: Changes to most matching folder. E.g. PC.EXE /cd sy*e? Minimum <path is '*' (Not available under NT/Win2000)
PC.EXE /md <path make directory E.g. PC.EXE /md c:\abc\system\test

- the following paramter is only available on the professional version!
PC.EXE /makelist <filepath [OPTIONS /delete /nosub]

[OPTIONS]  - - Base Program Parameters - - one has to be selected
/r(eceive) Waits for receiving data from the sender.
/t(ransmit) Transmits <filepath> via the parallel port.
/ml(make filelist) A powercopy filelist with CRC32 checksum will be created.
/mlb Same as /ml except displaying the listed Files in DRIVE:PATH\FILE format.
/check checks the filelist '@FileLst.PC@' created by /m... command.
/checkr checks the filelist '@FileLst.PC@' created by /m... command, but uses the relative pathoffset to check files.

/? for help.

- the following function /g is only available to the professional version! - -
  - - File Server Functions  - -
/g(et)  <listfilepath> transfers all files inside <listfilepath>\@FileLst.PC@.
/g(et)  @Aliasname@  See detailed description under fileserverfunction.

[OPTIONS]  - - Options Start - -
/d(estination) only if source and destination folder shall be not the same.
 If given with /r the /d of the transmitter(/t) will be ignored.
/F+ File select criteria e.g. /F+ *.txt *.doc
    - any files with name *.txt and *.doc will be added
/F- File(s) deselect criteria e.g. /F- a*.txt b*.doc
    - any files with name a*.txt and b*.doc will not be added
- the following function /kTL is only available on the professional version! - -
/kTL Keeps the transferlist '@To_Send.PC@'after transmit.

/nosub  (no subdirs) Subdirectories are not transfered.
/AED  Transmit also directories with no filematch.(Add Empty Directories)
/SF  Shows current transmitted, received or checked(/check file.
/PT  Protokolls every filetransfer to '@TransLg.PC@'
/NoLfn  Disable long filename support.
/InternalLfn  Stores (L)ong (f)ile(n)ames in internal ini-format(@Long_FN.PC@).
              Default way to store lfn data on non Lfn OS's
/noInternalLfn  Disables storing filenames in internal ini-format(@lfnini@).
                see progam documentation for examples.
/delete in connection with /makelist all matching files will be deleted.
        Attention: There is no warning!
/move   in connection with /t - Files will be deleted after transmit.
/date<YYYY.MM.DD-<YYYY.MM.DD Year 2000 Tested!
/time<hh:mm:ss-<hh:mm:ss Only handle those matching files.
/size<RangeFrom-<RangeTo Unit bytes

/ovwra   Always replace existing files. (/r /g only)
/ovwrd   replace only different files. (/r /g only)
/ovwrs   skip all existing files. (/r /g only)
/ovwro   Always replace only older files. (/r /g only)
/noCRC  Filelist,generated by argument /ml /mlb, contains no CRC32 checksum.
        Parameter /check is therefore not able to verify the File-CRC.

[OPTIONS]  - - Parallel Port Transfer Options Start - -
/noECP  HighSpeed disabled
/noEPP  Medium Speed disabled. Currently EPP is not supported and
        treated as bidirectional.
/noBidirect     Disallow bidirectional mode.
/noPNPscan      Disallow Plug and Play scan.
/noSuperIOscan  Disallow autodetecting SuperIO
/noDosEnvscan   Disallow Dos Environment scan.
/noGoodLuckScan Disallow scanning of usually used parallel Ports.
/noPNPscan  Disallow Plug and Play scan.
/UsePxxx-Ix-Dx  Uses the port,irq or dma value and
   o v e r r i d e s  the  a u t o d e t e c t e d  values!! This should be
   only used on incorrect working PNP-Bios implementations, or if you
   have more than one parallel device in your PC.
   If parallel portaddress is 0x378 enter /UseP378. If current Irq is 11
   enter /UseP378,I11 . If current Dma is 0 enter /UseP378,I11,D0
   Each ECP-Parallel device must have one DMA channel for highspeed transfer.
/AllowEcpDma  same as /Turbo
/Turbo  Enables Turbo transfer Mode.
                   ECP-DMA-Channel will be used for Data Transfer if available.
/NoEcpFtDma nearly High Speed Disables FTypeDmaTransfer!
/DMA-D /DMA-B /DMA-S /DMA-C  Overwrites autodetected DMA mode.
   -May cause system hangup! - see documentation
 - - Options End - -

 - - Defined DOS-Errorlevels:
  0Errorfree                         1 Error on receiving data
 10 /check CRC Error                 11 /check FileAccess Error
 12 /check CRC Error and FileAccess errors occured
220 ParallelInterface could not be configured.
228 /md or /cd error                229 /md or /cd error
230 Directory creation error (/md or /cd /d)
235 File creation/renaming error
236DiskFull.                       237 Unrecoverable Handshake Error
238 FileList generate or read Error
239 TimeOut on transfer handshake
240User-Break.                     241 Receive error.
242 Transmit error.                 243 CRC error or missing.
250 Illegal destination filename detected.
251 Handshakeerror filename to long. 252 Needed directory does not exist.
253 Parallel configuration error.
254 Wrong programcall. Parameters missing, or called with /? /help..
     All Errorlevels between 100 and 155 are caused from Communication Partner.
     To see reason add 100 to errorlevel. E.g. errorlevel 136 - 236 -
     Communication Partner says that it's Disk is full!

For detailt description see The Powercopy Help.

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