Mit Powercopy geben Sie Gas!
Powercopy Version Home Clone
(Hard disk/partition imaging functions)
Einführungsvideo zu Powercopy
Version Professional Clone
(Hard disk / partition copy and imaging functions)

Version Professional Plus contains
Professional Clone
Home Clone
Powercopy Professional Logic 
+ HD erase functions
+ protective shield
+ HDClone via network
+ HDClone via parallel cable
+ full automation support
Powercopy Version Professional Logic
(Filetransfer using the Powercopy Cable, up to 1MByte per Second using the Powercopy cable)
Powercopy Version Professional
Multi Clone

(Simultaneously hard disk copy) (contains Professional Plus features)
Actual Version is V4.2
released in Juli 2007.
Version history

Test Powercopy Home Clone,
Professional Clone,
Professional Plus

Download the minimum necessary components pc.exe pc32.exe and pc.msp mrt.exe. No installation is required

You can create disk images of any partition of your computer!

How to use:

  • Start windows NT/2000/2003/XP/VISTA
  • run Powercopy file pc32.exe
  • select version you want to test
  • select at functions menu option 2 'Partition -> Image'
  • select disk where partition resides
  • select a partition to backup
  • at last confirmation dialog select turbo mode
  • and finally feel the difference

Demo Download
(about 850 KB)
Version 4.1 released in April 2007

Einführung zu KissPowercopy Version Kiss
"ONE Button" full system backup
The easiest way to backup any computer.
Powercopy Version Professional Restore

(For companies which have to restore or to update a lot of computer systems)
Powercopy Restore Video: Computerinstallation so einfach wie nie

Full Demo Download
(zip file about 8MB)
Version 4.1 released in April 2007
Boot and Installation CD (about 7MB)
Extract ISO-File. Use a CD-writing program like Nero and burn it on CD. ( 16/32 32/64 bit Powercopy executables included. MRT Tool included)

The Powercopy online


Die Powercopy online
Slideshow 'logical file transfer'



At 'Powercopy Professional Logic' only: (direct cable file exchange / direct cable hd feature)

1.) Get your own Powercopy evaluation cable! or solder your own cable(test purpose only).
2.) Download FULL/MINI Demo Version above! Run it on both computers.

Optional: Powercopy bootdisk for diagnostic purpose. Contains old Powercopy DOS version pc.exe DemoVersion( .zip fileformat) (.exe version without  readme file) In case of WINDOWS transfer problems this Disk is very useful  to detect the Computer which may have any windows driver problem.

Optional: Download the dos bootdisk creation tool  With this tool you can create your own DOS7 Boot disk (Win98/ME System needed) or a  Freedos (Kernel 2024h beta) bootdisk including the old Demoversion of Powercopy Professional Plus Version 1.3x erstellen!
This demoversion may not be the lastest version!

Installation hints:

For fastest transfer rates set parallel port to ECP-MODE (via Bios or config tools(e.g. IBM)) !

Install the program from the disk or the file you received on both computers.

Install Powercopy in Windows: You need administrative (or driver installation) user rights to install/uninstall Powercopy inside NT/Win2000/XP...

  1. ) Uncompress by  doubleclick to 'pc_.....exe' .
    /*----Do this on a Win9x or WinNt>=4.0 Computer----*/
  2. ) At 'Extract to' enter c:\PC or  any  other folder you want to extract the files.  Then click on  'Extract'.>
  3. ) Open this folder. Doubleclick on 'double....bat". Powercopy will now be installed!

    Hints: Using Powercopy with Pur Dos/Windows <= Win3.11: You have only to copy the file pc.exe from your installation folder. For more detailed information see the HTML-based helpfiles.
    pc32.exe is the main exe file you need to run Powercopy under the cmd box inside NT/Win2000/XP....
    pc.exe  is the main exe file you need to run Powercopy under dos or dosbox of DOS WfW, Win9x,ME.

Uninstall Powercopy in Windows: You need administrative (or driver installation) user rights to install/uninstall Powercopy inside NT/Win2000/XP...

START->Settings->ControlPanel -> Add/Remove Programs
Select Powercopy there.