Schnelles Kopierprogramm Datenübertragungsprogramm unter Verwendung der parallelen ECP EPP SPP Schnittstelle. Laplink Kabel kann nicht verwendet werden. 

Our Powercopy product line:

Several thousand customers love our Powercopy software product line.
Version 4, which has been released in November 2006 is an excellent full system backup software and hardware solution.
Our quality, extreamly high performance and our smart volume and site license pricing will inspire you.


Full system backup solutions!

Copy entire disks or partitions - erase disks or partitions (data shredder)- clone hard drives - create/restore images of hard drives or partitions - simple disaster recovery solution.


Powercopy Home-Clone (Full system disk and partition backup), HOME-CLONE Info
Powercopy Professional-Clone (Full system disk and partition backup, hard disk copy), PROF-CLONE Info
Powercopy Professional-Plus (Full system disk and partition backup, hard disk copy + license for single technician + full automation), PROF-PLUS Info
Powercopy Multi-Clone (multi hard drive clones in one step).
Powercopy with KISS extention!  
ONE Button - Full System Backup Solution with and without external disk drives starting from 49 Euro (without hard drive) 
New product in 2013: dp-hardware-migration tool eliminates Stop 0x0000007b errors! Info & Download

New product in 2012: dp-Copy freeware a cool folder copy tool! Info & Download

Peer to Peer direct cable and file transfer solution!

Logical file/folder- transfer between two computers by use of the Powercopy parallel cable transfer feature.

Powercopy Professional-Logic, PROF-LOGIC Info
also included at Powercopy Professional-PlusPROF-PLUS Info
Herein Powercopy is defacto the world fastest file transfer Program based on the parallel printer interface and faster than USB1.1!.

Our Products will run on Microsoft PC operating systems WINDOWS VISTA, XP, 2003, 2000, NT4, ME/98/95, Wfw, DOS and even OS/2
Limited hard drive clone / full system backup support for Linux and UNIX operating systems
- All versions are available in german and english
Extremely huge copy speed by use of machine code und
  special Know-How which you will not find at competitors!
- very high software quality and flexibility in use